Armenian Wine

I was first introduced to Armenian wines a few years ago by Charles Masraff who, this spring, will be hosting a wine dinner at Condita Restaurant in Edinburgh on Thursday 21st March showcasing Armenian wines.

Having become a fan of Lebanese wines since first drinking Chateau Musar back in the 1980’s, I can’t believe that Armenian wines have managed to not come onto my radar until so recently. With recent discoveries by an international archaeological team of the Areni cave unearthing wine making vessels dated at close to 6100 years old, Armenia can justifiably claim to be the oldest wine-making country on record. Since the break up of the former USSR, the country is now starting to find its feet again in the wine World.

Charles Masraff, who has lived in Armenia for many years will talk through a selection of wines from the Keush, Kataro and Karas wineries including a Champagne Method wine made at ridiculously high altitude from native grape varieties, a modern style dry white and a selection of reds including some wonderfully distinctive, robust wines which are not for the faint hearted.

Full details of these and other events at Condita can be found under at “Events”. Condita, 15 Salisbury Place, Edinburgh, EH9 1SL. Guest bookings